Caltabellotta tour


Half day guided tour of Caltabellotta




Half day trip from the Verdura resort, Sciacca, Menfi, Selinunte, Agrigento.













Known for the famous peace treaty that in 1302 ended the War of the Vespers, the town of Caltabellotta, since ancient times, has been theatre of wars and bloody events. Situated at an elevation of 758 mtrs, close by a distinctive- shaped dolomitic cliff (m. 948) on which the rests of the ancient castle are found, the city looks like a crib. From its top, there is a commanding view: from Agrigento to Marsala to the west, Mt. Etna to the east, and 24 towns in three different provinces. The tour starts at Piano della Matrice, with a visit to the nearby Mother Church, founded by the count Roger himself after his victory over the Muslims, even if the building is datable around the 13th century. Inside the church, putties and frescoes by A.Ferraro from Giuliana and statues by the Gagini. Then, stroll in the historical centre where the Church of Carmine is found, up to the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà (Saint Mary of the Mercy), partly dug out of the cliff, and to the hermitage of San Pellegrino erected on the places where the legendary bishop of Triocala used to live.








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