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Private guided tours to home towns in the province of Messina


Learn more about towns of origin in the province of Messina. Hire a tour guide and/or driver to visit Capo d'Orlando, Patti, Caronia, Capizzi, Francavilla di Sicilia, San Fratello, San Pier Niceto, Tripi...



Home towns in Sicily




Capo d'Orlando full day tour
Agatirno is the name of the city founded by Aeolus's son, at the time of theTrojan war, where today Capo d'Orlando is found on the Tyrrhenian coast. Today, as 3000 years ago, it is wedged towards the sea, splendid and proud. On the extreme cape of its territory stands a suggestive lighthouse and the ruins of Orlando's caste. This is a clear evidence of its medieval history. From this historical background, among the patrician realties of the Roman Villa of Bagnoli to the discovery of the Mercadante's Quarries, from the legend of the Dionysion cults to the fishermen's songs which recall the Saracen incursions, up to the present time, passing through the epos of the Tomasi di Lampedusa, there is a common denominator: the sea, which in Capo d'Orlando has always been present in reality, once it was above all commercial and increasingly more touristic today.

Patti full day tour
The history of Patti is very interesting. It stands upon a hill dominating the northern coast of Sicily. Historians say that during Roger of Hauteville kingdom an abbey was built. It has been burnt by Frederic II of Aragon, but Patti soon became again powerful. In 1554 the algerian corsar Redbeard destroyed again the town. The main monuments of town are: San Bartolomeo Cathedral built in 18th century in the same place of the norman church founded by Roger II. Inside the church there is the renaissance tomb of Queen Adelaide, Roger I wife and Roger II mother. To mark the roman origins of the town we can visit also the Villa Romana with an extensive array of splendid marble mosaics. To the territory of Patti belongs Tyndaris whose Sanctuary, dedicated to the "Black Madonna", built between 1956 and 1979; this is the place where devoted people are used to make a pilgrimage on the 8th of September


Caronia full day tour

Caronia is a town located on the sea. Probably the origins of the town are Saracen. We will visit the Chiesa Madre dedicated to San Nicolò di Bari. The church was restored on the 17th century: a baroque statue of S.Nicolas rises above the portal. The highlight of the town is represented by the castle of norman origins which is very well preserved and still inhabitated. A few miles away we will visit Caronia's wood where oak, elm, ashand, beech trees grow naturally, from here we can admire the countryside landscapes sourrounding the town.


Capizzi full day tour

Capizzi is one of the highest towns of the island on the slopes of Nebrodi mountains. Of ancient origins, it was dominated by different civilizations that succeeded in Sicily. In the main square Umberto I° we will visit San Giacomo church built in 1500 where is kept the Madonna del Soccorso, marble statue by Antonello Gagini. Next to the church there is the Oratorio della Compagnia del SS. Sacramento with an attractive portico. The historical centre of Capizzi is sourrounded by noble buildings dated back to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Very interesting is the Chiesa Madre of norman origins but finished in reinessance period. At the present time one of the most important economical activities is still agricoltural industry represented by the wheat growth.


Francavilla di Sicilia full day tour

Francavilla di Sicilia origins could be dated back to the Norman age, during this period was erected the Basilian Monastery of San Salvatore di Placa. In the town we will also visit the Convento dei Cappuccini, built in 1585. Not far away this convent we will reach San Paolo Square where in the middle of it we will see a fountain built at the end of the 16th century. In the historical section of downtown we will visit the Chiesa dell'Annunziata to wich belong the wooden statues of San Francesco di Paola and Santa Barbara. Interesting is also the visit to the castle, but the main architectural work of the town is the Chiesa Matrice with a breathless portal dated back to 1493.











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