Palermo wine tasting and food experience



Home-hosted meal

Enjoy an uncommon experience, lunch hosted by a local family at their home. You will get a chance to sit at the table with a Sicilian family and share their meal and their way of life. After a panoramic tour of the city of Palermo by car, we will be welcomed at a family’s home for lunch and we will enjoy traditional Sicilian food. Meals are very important for a Sicilian family. Although the modern way of life is more frenetic and people eat fast food”,Sicilians love their food and wine and almost everybody can cook and prepare delicious recepies.



Segesta and visit to a winery

In the morning we will reach Segesta for a guided tour of this amazing greek temple. Segesta ancient temple is one of the best preserved in the world After this lovely stop, we will continue towards one of the area’s organic wineries for a tour and wine- tasting .Wine is becoming more and more important for the sicilian economy. During the recent years, beside the most popular French grapes, some sicilian wine producer are focusing their attention on old native grapes, one of these is the Perricone. It’s a red grape, largely used in the past for Ruby Marsala. It grows on few acres only in some areas (very small production) but it has been estimated for its healthy properties.



Corleone and winery.

On our way to Corleone you’ll discover the real Sicilian countryside. Once reached the town , we will visit the Antimafia museum, which has become the symbol of the “good “ Corleone. We will discover, without stereotypes the history of the organised crime. After stopping in the town we can enjoy a wine tasting with a visit of a local winery. The area of Corleone, infact, is renowned for good white and excellent red wines. A country-style lunch can be included with this tour.



Wine country cookery

Day trip to one of the most popular aristocrat’s estate amidst vineyards for a cooking demonstration.



The street food walking tour

Palermo has been recently ranked number 5 in the world for street food. Enjoy a half day walking tour to discover and taste with our food and wine expert our specialties. When you walk around the old districts of Palermo you can stop smelling the fried food “panelle” flat fried cakes made from chickpeas flour, or potato croquets “crocché”. One of the reason why people love Sicily is for its food and wine. Moreover Palermo is renowned for its pastry shops that offer the traditional Cannoli and Cassata as well as the new modern cakes like “Setteveli” (seven chocolate layers). Last, how could we forget the ice cream brioche?



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